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May 18

To Do A Common Thing Uncommonly Well

I love this poem by Rami, it reminds me of why we are all here, the lessons to be learned on planet earth. We learn them when we are humble, not when we are special. Picture of Rami receiving his two year diploma from the Core Energetics Academy. Life is not Mundane By Rami Nagel …

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Apr 25

what is body reading

What is a Body Reading This work comes from a long history in psychology. It started with Freud. His student Wilhelm Reich showed that you could understand and analyze the personality by looking at the body. My mentor, Dr. John Pierrakos, a student of Reich, passed on the technology of reading the body to me. …

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Feb 11

Why I Became a Holistic, Body Therapist

Why did I leave talk therapy to do something different.  I was a humanistic therapist applying the work of Rogers, Perls, Gendlin, Erikson, even Ellis, in my practice. The experiential nature of the work invited me to be myself versus wearing the pro forma blank mask. Then I met John Pierrakos, MD. at a Humanistic …

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Feb 03

Rid Your Relationship of Cruelty

Love is the ultimate goal. Relationships can  be difficult if partners develop weapons to use against each other. Sometime stereotypes prevail. Men are supposed to be strong and women are seen as emotional and sensitive. Disappointment follows if men appear weak or emotional and women powerful and distant. People enter relationships burdened with issues: distrust, …

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Jan 14

The Silence Of Forgiveness

We parked the car in the Munich airport this morning. After an 11-hour car trip through the Alps and four hours sleep in a German Pension, we boarded the plane for Berlin. (They will pick up the car after the training when they return to their summer home by the sea). Heidi told me the …

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Jan 04

Journey to Berlin to Teach Core Energetics, the 1990’s

After I make several phone calls to say goodbye, I board the plane. The aisle seat reserved for me on British Air does not exist. Instead I draw the second seat of four in the middle section of the Boeing 747. Sandwiched between two gentlemen, one American (who asks why I did not reserve an …

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Dec 29

First Love

His big firm hand folded around my tiny, delicate hand. We walked together to the corner ice cream store. I felt so safe. My hand melted into his and I felt the protection of his bulk. I didn’t want this walk to end. “This is ecstacy,” I thought. The counter in the store stretched from …

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Oct 07

Fire in the Heart: For All Core Energetics Graduates (of any training)

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF A CORE PRACTICE          We, Charles Corley. MEd, and myself (Karyne Wilner, PsyD) are offering a new third year certificate program, through the Core Energetics Academy, which we co-direct. * Some of you have graduated from my two year professional training Some of you have graduated from …

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Jun 11

The Biological Base of Anger

Research studies indicate that anger and fear are associated with health issues, particularly those related to the cardiovascular system. In general, anger and fear are normal, healthy emotions. Anxiety is a form of fear that usually precedes an event and it based on a person’s worst thoughts of what might happen. In actuality some anxiety …

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May 15


It is the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving and I think of the gifts I received earlier in the day. At 8 am, Jane, my massage therapist, worked on my pelvis, the psoas muscles in particular, bringing energy to places in my body where there had been only a trickle. When I arrived at my office …

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