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Feb 27

Other’s Needs Before My Own

It was Friday, October 1, 2011, the eve of Rosh Hoshona. My plan was to stop and see Aunt Miriam at St. Ann’s hospital on the way back to Portsmouth from my office in Providence, see one client at the Portsmouth office, pick up Nicole at Portsmouth Abby, meet Jack at his office, unload the RV, …

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Jan 08

Core and Cancer

At her first session she told me that her cancer, which had begun as ovarian, was stage-4. It had spread through her body like butter, although she staved if off for at least 10 years with strong chemotherapies and bone marrow treatments. She also explored raw foods, juicing, and wheat grass. She was terribly exhausted …

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Nov 07

John C. Pierrakos, MD: Age 10 to Young Adulthood

When John was 11 years of age, a sexual experience with a girl cousin caused him to fear being punished by his father. Because he excelled in school, he was placed in a French Lycee, an equivalent of an American high school and although the courses were difficult, he felt proud of his achievements. He …

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Oct 15

Holistic Professional Training Program

Holistic Professional Training Program — Mindbody, Core Energetics, Core Living Therapy Begins, Friday, October 28 – 30, 2011 Someone recently mentioned The Celestine Prophecy to me. Remembering that book reminded me why this Two Year Professional Training in Holistic Counseling, Core Energetics, and Core Living Therapy is so important to me and to those who …

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Sep 23

Why Become a Holistic Therapist

This is a question I have been thinking about. I had no plans to change my practice. I loved being a humanistic psychotherapist, basing my interventions on the work of Rogers, Perls, Schutz, Gendlin, Erikson, and even Ellis. Experiences such as empty chair work and Rogerian reflection deepened the therapeutic process, and because I felt …

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Sep 04

Bio: John C. Pierrakos: The Early Years

John was born in a small village in Greece in 1921. He lived there  until he was about age 6  when the entire family moved to Athens. He lived in Athens until he was 18. A story he heard about his first year of life left the impression that he had trouble digesting food, possibly …

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Aug 23

John’s Explanation For Leaving Bioenergetics

“Now, in relation to my splitting off from the Institute: It has happened historically many times, as with Freud and Reich, etc., I believe that the reason for these patterns is unavoidable when those who innovated stay rigidly anchored in what they have found and feel threatened to go further. Whenever there is a standstill, …

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Aug 15


“Throughout my twenty years of psychiatric practice, I have come to the conclusion that the old format of doctor-patient relationship is no longer sufficient to fill the needs of an emerging new consciousness in man. My own personal development had led me on a pathway that has enabled me to resolve deep-seated problems that could …

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Jul 30


Louise tells the group she hates her body and she has had spinal surgery for scoliosis. I tell her that she may have received a dose of hate while she was still in the womb. Her body is wounded, but not ugly. KBW “Your psychological wound seems to have been created by an early dose …

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Jul 23

Internal Sensations

Here are several valid reasons for self-monitoring your internal sensations. Some people have physical problems that can be exacerbated by emotional problems or that are caused by the interaction between emotions and the body. People who suffer from psychosomatic illnesses or those whose illnesses lead to more emotional stress need to identify, at the earliest …

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