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Jul 30


Louise tells the group she hates her body and she has had spinal surgery for scoliosis. I tell her that she may have received a dose of hate while she was still in the womb. Her body is wounded, but not ugly. KBW “Your psychological wound seems to have been created by an early dose …

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Jul 23

Internal Sensations

Here are several valid reasons for self-monitoring your internal sensations. Some people have physical problems that can be exacerbated by emotional problems or that are caused by the interaction between emotions and the body. People who suffer from psychosomatic illnesses or those whose illnesses lead to more emotional stress need to identify, at the earliest …

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Jul 16


Work with your body’s energy — if you are to be vital and alive. The energy flow in your body should make a figure eight. Up one side from the ground, cross at the solar plexus, travel up the other side, cross again at the soft palate, in the mouth, and go back down. Why …

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Feb 14

The Core Energetic Therapy Process

The goal of Core Energetics is to open the heart and experience love. This is accomplished by helping individuals remove the obstacles embedded in their personalities, heal their splits, explore their emotions at the level of truth, experience love throughout their beings, and actively cope with life. Few other body therapies integrate spirituality and the …

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Feb 01

An Energetic Life: How We Can Achieve It

Core Energetics focuses upon the life force and considers energy to be the basic building block of human life. To work with energy, Core Energetic therapists employ movement in the session. Like a mosaic in motion, therapist and client move in relationship to each other, often engaged in physical exercises in tandem. Both are on …

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Oct 04

The Four Stages of Therapy: A Holistic and Spiritual Perspective

  Last Minute Friday, October 8 & Saturday October 9, 2010   The Four Stages of Therapy involve confrontation of the mask, contact with the lower self, and its transformation into a positive force, grounded in love and creativity. Participants learn through lecture, demonstration, and experiential work how concepts of evil, denial, destructiveness, cruelty, hate, …

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Oct 02

Core Energetics Open House in New York City

Dear Friends of Core Energetics, You are invited to an Open House on Friday, October 8, at the New York Core Center in NYC. Beginning at 7 p.m., there will be a Free presentation by Stuart Black, Director of the Institute of Core Energetics, followed by refreshments and information on the Institute’s programs, which begin November 5-7, 2010.    We …

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