Curriculum Year 1: 2018 -2019

October 2018 – June 2019

If you are interested in joining this training please contact Karyne directly at or  401-316-7041. Interview and references are required.


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Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day One: Foundations of Core Energetics

• Learn about the Founders of Body Psychotherapy and Core Energetics —  Pierrakos, Lowen, & Reich.

• Find out about the development of character analysis, the 5 basic personality types — ask what is your type?

• Delve into the mask, core self, and shadow self. Discover your universal life path.

• Explore the history of sexuality and human energy from Freud through the present, and learn how to approach sexuality through body work and energy healing.

Day Two: The Core Personality

• Decipher the map of personality.

• Convert negative attributes and attitudes to higher-self “yes-currents.”

•  Release and transform the shadow (lower-self) — confront fear, shame, evil, destructiveness and cruelty.

•  Honor the authentic self in all its truth and beauty.

• Experience the pyramid model in which mind, body, feelings, will, and spirit interact holistically.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 6MODULE 2: ENERGY THEORY & SOMATIC TECHNIQUES – 14 CE Credits

Friday, November 9 through Sunday, November 11, 2018

Day One: Learn the Theory of Energy and Consciousness

• Explore the five energy types.

• Experience the energetic qualities of the chakras and aura.

• Identify how energy appears in the body (leaks, fragments, splits, overcharge, undercharge, vibration, pulsation, streaming, expansion, contraction, flooding, grounding, containment).

• Learn how beliefs, attitudes, and images  (consciousness) shape your body and affect your energy field.

Day Two: Working with Energy

• Techniques to open energy blockages and create a path toward healing.

• Techniques to promote flow through the seven body segments.

• Techniques to release and decrease body armor.

• Energy techniques to heal wounds from childhood.

• Techniques to balance energy.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 3MODULE 3: When Energy Fragments, Grounding and Contact – 14 CE Credits

Friday, December 14 through Sunday December 16, 2018

Day One: The Fragmented Personality

• Work with fragmented energy from a holistic, bodymind perspective.

• Facilitate the ability to make contact, be in reality, and have a healthy energy flow.

• What happens when children receive a dose of hate? Explore the traumatized, fragmented, character defense.

• Learn about early rejection and abuse — even in the womb!

• Identify fragmented energy in the body and apply healing techniques.

Day Two: Gentle Healing Techniques for Trauma

• Practice techniques to heal, integrate, and provide harmony.

• Learn how to release blocks in the ocular segment.

• Experience soft and gentle techniques to help the body release fear and terror.

• Experience and practice mindfulness meditation, focusing, and energy balancing.

• Scan the aura and balance the chakras.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 3MODULE 4: A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO THE ORAL STRUCTURE – 14 CE Credits

Friday, April 5 through Sunday, April 7, 2019

Day One:The Undercharged, Oral, Need-Driven Personality

• Understand the energy wounding associated with abandonment.

• Differentiate between real and false needs.

• Understand how deprivation and lack of nurturing impacts behavior.

• Develop healthy, less demanding ways to make contact with others.

• Explore treatment issues that occur for those who experienced neglect and abandonment.

Day Two: Grounding, Breathing, Feeling & Movement Techniques

• Observe the collapse in the physical structure.

• Learn grounding techniques to establish stability and take responsibility.

• Learn breathing techniques to open muscular blocks, enhance pleasure, deepen feelings, and strengthen

energy flow and pulsation.

• Explore the relationship between movement, feeling, and aliveness.

• Become proficient with charging techniques that enhance vitality.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day One: The Overcharged, Enmeshed Personality

• Learn how smothering, controlling caregivers affect the mind and the body .

• Explore resistance in therapy and how it can lead to positive growth.

• Individuate, develop autonomy, and find your unique voice.

• Learn how passive-aggressive behavior and spite impact the body and the energy field..

• Confront the sweet mask, release the vengeful lower self, and reveal the deep loving core.

Day Two: Techniques To Work With Resistance and Anger in the Body

• Learn to work with resistance in the body.

• Use the bio-energetic stool and the core roller to release energy blocks.

• Learn assertiveness techniques that promote healthy anger and freedom.

• Practice exercises that discharge excess blocked energy from the legs, arms, shoulders, pelvis, and back of the neck.

• Observe and diagnose the overcharged body of the anxious, dependent, personality type.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23, 2019

Day One: The Upper Displaced, “My Way Or The Highway” Personality

• Learn why children can’t trust.

• Explore early wounding. Learn about parental seduction and betrayal.

• Identify the devious, manipulative mask, the vicious lower self, and courageous core of this structure.

• Learn how to help your client build trust and give up unnecessary power.

• Observe the upper-displaced, physical structure of the psychopath.

• Release arrogance and increase empathy.

• Learn techniques to bring energy down to the legs and feet and away from the head.

Day Two: Freedom From Frozen Images

• Learn how frozen human energy creates negative mental images.

• Learn how destructive behavior, distorted belief systems, projections, and blame are consequences of blocked energy.

• Interrupt the vicious cycle that creates negative images.

• Work with your own deep images to change life patterns that keep you stuck.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision