Karyne Wilner's Core Energetics Individual Therapy


What makes these sessions unique is the use of body reading and somatic therapies to help you confront the feelings and stories that are stored in your body and that hold you back. In addition, your therapist creates safety by honoring a connection with heart and spirit during the session. You’ll be helped to experience …

Couples Therapy Sessions


Some of the ways KARYNE WILNER’S CORE ENERGETICS Psychotherapy helps couples include: Learning how to take risks in sharing, leaving nothing unsaid, so as to achieve deeper levels of understanding. Learning how to listen from your heart, to hear and honor the differences between the two of you in both meaning and expression. Improving trust …

Karyne Wilner's Supervision


  Dr. Wilner provides Supervision for licensed and certified practitioners in somatic and verbal therapies. Some of the questions and concerns that have been addressed in supervision include: How do you work with a depressed and anxious client who is on medication? How do you work with victims of childhood sexual abuse and those who …