Energy Psychology (Core Energetics) Works


The American Psychological Association has finally recognized (ACEP) The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology for CE credits. At first Energy Psychology was not accepted as a respected methodology that brought about positive results, mainly because the techniques, often involving the body, looked strange and were not taught in graduate school.  Since then 51 clinical studies have shown that energy psychology has good results with PTSD, phobias, generalized anxiety, depression, food cravings, pain, and performance. Energy Psychology allows humans to reclaim natural ways of healing.


So why does the movement of energy in the body heal. If you think of energy as akin to the life force, you can imagine that problems might occur when the life force is blocked. The magic of Core Energetics is that we work with the life force where it is literally blocked in the physical body, releasing the stuck energy that becomes toxic the longer it is held in a muscle and we also work with the aura and chakra system that brings in fresh cosmic energy and releases used up bioenergy.


I can’t say enough about energy flow. When it flows it lights up the world. It radiates pleasure and love. It pulsates and vibrates in the physical body (that is why my website is called Core Vibrations – in case you have wondered about that.). You feel the energy flow when you are in love, when you are in nature, when you play and have fun, when you hug your dog, your child, or your grandmother.  Energy flow celebrates life. When we lose that flow, which happens when we are too stressed or distraught,  the beautiful life energy gets blocked some place in the body.


Also did you know there is a connection between thinking and energy flow. Blocked energy creates fear and negative thinking, and vise versa, since fear and negative thinking can create energy blocks. So stuck energy and negative emotions and thinking are at the root of most psychological problems – which is why Core Energetics as well as other Energy Therapies are very effective in helping people change and feel better in their lives.


Have a great day and may your energy flow.



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