Exercises to Open the Chakras

These exercises will help to energize your body. At a time when most of us are at home and sitting way too much, these tools are very useful. In Eastern psychology the chakra system is known for bringing fresh energy into the body to restore balance and equilibrium as it flows through the body and enervates organs and muscles. For a variety of reasons, the chakras sometimes close and fresh energy cannot enter. These exercises are known to reverse the process and open the chakras.


Grounding Exercise – for the Root Chakra

The following exercise is designed to help you contact your root chakra and feel more grounded.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes straight ahead, and knees slightly bent. Now bend your knees deeper, dropping into a squatting position, but keep your feet on the floor. As you push against the floor strongly with the bottoms of your feet, push yourself back to the original position, feeling the tension in your calves as you rise out of the squat. Do this 15 to 20 times. If your legs begin to vibrate or shake, consider that normal, a sign that energy blocks are releasing.

Exercise for the Sexual Feeling and Behavior Centers

The following exercise is designed to engage both your sexual feeling and sexual behavior centers. It involves lying on a mattress and kicking.

To begin, lie down on a solid mattress and kick about 100 times, while keeping your legs straight out. Next bend your knees, place your feet flat on the mattress, and pick up your pelvis as high as possible. Bounce your pelvis down on the mattress 20 times, each time saying the phrase: “I will never give it to you.” Do this as fast as you can to energize your body and open the flow of your feelings. After you bounce your pelvis, lift your legs up, with your heels pointed at the ceiling and your toes pointing at your face. Hold this position while you slightly bend and then straighten through the knees, stretching the hamstrings. Do this 20 times allowing your legs to shake and vibrate.


 Exercise for the Self-Center

The following exercise will help you improve the energy of your solar plexus and release the fear and the pain associated with blocked feelings there.

Swing your right hand in front of the center of your solar plexus from left to right. Do this several times, cutting through the energy field above it. Then, rest your hand on top of the solar plexus for thirty seconds, palm down, giving it healing energy from your palm.


Exercise for the Healing Center

You can use the following exercise to energize the healing, as well as the sexual, center by kicking or moving your legs. (The healing center is found at your spine, slightly above the sacrum)

Stand and engage in a series of karate kicks, about 10 per leg. As you kick out in front of you with force, lift your leg as high as you can, point your heel at an imagined other in front of you, and point your toe toward the ceiling. At the same time, as you kick and look at an imagined opponent, allow the energy to flow out of your eyes. Feel your power as you release this energy.

Now repeat this exercise, but kick backwards behind you, and at the same time, look forward sending fire out of your eyes.


Exercise for the Heart (Love ) Center

You can use the following exercise to energize your heart center. Place your hand immediately in front of your heart, lightly touching your chest. Then, begin to make small circle, with your hand, moving it very quickly. Keep up the circular motion for one or two minutes. When you finish, shut your eyes, allow your hands to drop gently to your sides, and breathe slowly, staying centered. Then, as you breathe, contact your heart center and set the intent to have more love in your life.


Exercise for the Will Center

To work with the will center and bring it into more balance with your heart, you need to release and mobilize the energy in your upper back and chest. You can use the following exercise to do so.

Stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Make fists and begin to throw some punches at the wall in front of you. Make good eye contact with the wall as if it were a person. Continue to punch and stare with good eye contact, saying at the same time, “I will never give it to you.” Now continue to mobilize the will center by hitting backward with your elbows, at the same time looking straight ahead and saying, “Get off my back.”


Exercise for the Throat (Voice) Center

You can use the following exercise to unblock energy stuck in your throat. Use sounds such as “ho, ho, ho” and “ha, ha, ha” when you breathe out to unblock this energy.

To begin the exercise, lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat. Then, breathe in deeply through the nose in short sniffs and at the same time arch your back. When you exhale, say “ho, ho, ho” with as much intensity as possible to release the voice center, At the same time roll your shoulders in toward your heart and lift your pelvis one inch off the floor. Do it 10 or 15 times, and after every few breaths, stamp your feet saying “no” to ground the energy. This is a good exercise for people who need to learn to express feelings and talk about important issues.


Exercise for the Executive Center

You can use the following exercise to energize the executive center situated in the center at the back of the neck.  It will release tightness in your neck.

Lie down on a mattress or on the floor and kick with both legs, either straight out or bent at the knee and at the same time turn your head from side to side, very quickly, letting go of control. Do this for one or two minutes. Then sit up, and use your hands to massage the long muscles in the back of your neck. Do so for another minute, pressing your fingers into these muscles with as much pressure as you can tolerate. To finish, shrug your shoulders a few times loosening the muscles around the neck.


Exercise for the Third Eye

To open the third eye, located at the center of your forehead, take a deep breath in through your nose. Open your mouth and exhale in short blasts, “huh, huh, huh.” At the same time, place your hand in front of your throat and shake it back and forth several times as you move it up over your face to the forehead.


Exercise for the Spiritual  (Cosmic ) Center

The following exercise will help you improve the energy flow of your highest spiritual center.

Raise your hand to the top of your head and make three circles. For the first circle, spin your hand clockwise; for the second, spin it counterclockwise; for the third, spin it clockwise again. Do this several times to create movement and flow. Then gently rub the top of your head.


An Exercise to Stimulate All of the Energy Centers

You want to have good energy flow in all of the energy centers for optimal functioning. The following exercise is designed to improve the energy flow to all of the energy centers. Use the picture below to identify the centers.

Start by placing the palm of your hand about 2 or 3 inches away from each center and leave it there for a few seconds. If the energy is circulating well in the center, you will begin to feel a slight stirring of air or heat on your palm. If you feel nothing or if the air cools your hand, that center needs to be rotated or spun. Next, move your hand to each of the front centers starting with the base and ending with the crown, and spin your hand very fast in a clockwise motion as you breathe. Keep a quiet mind and a grounded stance, with your feet facing forward, shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent.




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