Here is what colleagues, trainees, and clients say about Karyne:

“Karyne is a loving person and radiates love to many people around her. She helps them find their way in life… She is extremely capable and trustworthy. As a person, she is creative, demonstrating brilliance of mind and a great heart.” John C. Pierrakos, M.D., Founder, Core Energetics


“I appreciate Karyne’s qualifications and competence as a therapist and teacher. But it is her enormous kindness and generosity, and her ability to genuinely see someone at their depth and be willing to give of herself to help them that I am most touched by.”

Stuart Black, Director, Institute of Core Energetics

“I have experienced the healing energy and love during Karyne’s Core Energetics workshops. I always leave knowing it was time and money well spent.”

Tracy, Workshop Attendant

“Coming to your class was like coming home.”

A Current Core Energetics Student

“Your work is very inspiring.  It is like watching a true master at work.  Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself as well as your wisdom.”

Marilena, Physician and Core Energetics Trainee


“For over five years I have known Karyne Wilner in a professional and personal capacity. I have found Karyne to be warm, thoughtful, perceptive, dedicated, and self motivated. Karyne’s acts of kindness and warmth have become a theme for her life. I think she has made life a theme and this theme is love. She allows herself to grow as she weaves herself into this love of life. Life to her is a love.”

Sister Albert Mary Brewster, RSN


“I am very grateful for your guidance, and for your generous sharing of your knowledge and experience. I am also grateful for your integrity and presence.  In terms of my growth within myself, our last training has allowed, or facilitated, deep altering of my inner life. I feel my goodness, my heart, my soul, is so much more empowered.  And the altering have been so deep reaching.”

Donovan, Core Energetics Trainee


“One of the most powerful things I have gained with Karyne is my capacity to communicate. I can be in truth and communicate my feelings to the point I had not been able to do before. That has developed out of our relationship – our communication, the trust I have gained.”

Brian, Core II Student.

I want to thank you for the amazing amount of information you shared with us. I learned a tremendous amount and am so happy about being there to have received it. Secondly, I want you to know that being seen like that … has really brought the meaning of my ‘story’ to my heart … I didn’t believe my own ‘story’ until this weekend. Having people see it in my body makes the ‘story’ real, three dimensional and undeniable.

Cynthia, Core Energetics Trainee

Your workshop touched me at the heart level and I know that everyone who attended was also touched by the work … I was able to do a work of deep sharing (at home with my wife) and we were hugging and sharing this morning … and we wondered where we would be if I had not found you and Core

Cliff, Living Core Student

What a wonderful experience your workshop was – the powerful women, the topic, and the process. It has fed me and helped me in the last couple of weeks as I went back to my studies. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and fullness.

Elizabeth, Core Energetics Practitioner

The material and the teacher are highly engaging! Karyne is an independent thinker and excellent at anticipating our needs as individuals.

Anonymous Student

We were really challenged to bring the skills we learned into our practices and explore different styles and theories in sessions. Karyne created a safe harbor for us to explore new ways of working while diving into our own stuff.  She is an amazing leader and I learned an endless number of techniques by just being in her presence.

Anonymous Trainee