Core Energetics

Core EnergeticsCORE ENERGETICS DEALS WITH THE WHOLE PERSON. THIS WHOLISTIC MODEL quickly and accurately illuminates core conflicts deeply held in the physical body. This model focuses on healing mind, emotion, body and spirit. Whereas, traditional therapies lack the resources to reach the deep “No-currents” that hold their patients back, Core practitioners, find the “No,” change it to “Yes,” and facilitate change at a cellular level.

Core Energetics practitioners employ interventions and techniques that work across many different types of issues and include body, energy, and verbal therapies.

By becoming proficient in the Core Energetics method of integrating body, mind, and spirituality, students learn the tools to heal themselves and their clients.

This training will provide you with a new pathway to self-discovery. Your spiritual transformation will occur as you remove physical blocks from your body. Fear-based mental states will melt away and your heart will open. A more full and trusting person will result.

Like many holistic methods, Core Energetics teaches the existence of an energy body that penetrates the physical body and extends out from it in all directions.

At the core of everyone’s being is a spiritual and energetic essence called the HIGHER SELF. This essence naturally generates love, pleasure, generosity, compassion and joy.

The Higher Self becomes distorted when primitive emotions are suppressed. Layers of dense energy, called the LOWER SELF, form when fear and anger are pushed down into the body. Then, in childhood, you learn to MASK these unacceptable feelings and  present a “nice” or “socially acceptable” false self to the world. Core Energetics helps you retrieve and awaken your authentic, vibrant, true self.

Core Energetics practitioners read the body for cues and muscle blocks that show where repressed anger and fear are stored. They learn how to help clients release deep, muscle blocks using advanced energy systems.

Finally gentle relaxing techniques, including massage, chakra work, breath, meditation, dance and visualization, are used to help you experience your authentic feelings…so you open your heart and embrace the joy of your higher purpose or service, and learn to live your life more wholly and fully.

Jacquline Carleton, PhD, explained this process when she wrote:

My mask of serenity may cover my jealousy and greed. If I can find and express the jealousy and greed of my Lower Self, I will be led back to the pain, fear, and deprivation that surely underlay them. If I can express these primary pains, my organic self-generating system will be activated and my true generosity, a quality of my core, will emerge and help to heal the original deprivation as I give to others in my life.  JACQUELINE CARLETON


  • Core  Higher Self; heart, truth, love, beauty.
  • False Self  The mask one wears to block one’s truth and core energy; a learned behavior that provides a false sense of safety.
  • Lower Self  Primitive and negative energy that is held in the body and  produces distorted choices, thoughts and actions.
  • Body Reading  Viewing and reading physical blocks in musculature, posture and movement; a way to identify and resolve personality, behavior, and health distortions.
  • Holistic  Unity of mind, body, spirit and emotions wherein the personality becomes more integrated and harmonious; essential for healthy choice and living from the Higher Self.
  • No-current  The operating presence of negative energy from the Lower Self that refuses pleasure, resists joy, and sabotages love.
  • Yes-current  The operating presence of positive energy from the Higher Self that engages with others, supports healthy behavior, enlivens authenticity for wholly loving and fully living.

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