Karyne Wilner, PsyD

Dr. Karyne WilnerDR KARYNE (Core_Doctor) IS THE IDEAL TRAINER FOR HOLISTIC COUNSELING AND ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY because she has an expertise in teaching and practicing the CORE ENERGETICS method that few others in the world can match.

Her evolutionary model  combines spirit and soma — the heart and the soul.

For 20 years, Karyne worked closely with John Pierrakos, MD, the founder of Core Energetics, until he passed away in 2001. Over time she was his supervisee, his colleague, and his friend. When he passed away, she took over his responsibilities in both Brazil and Australia, moving from her role as Assistant Director to Director.

Karyne served as Director of Education for Core Energetics internationally from 1990 to 2000, and then served as Assistant Director of the Institute of Core Energetics in New York until 2011.

Her goal today is to teach Dr. Pierrakos’ work andto  integrate it with current humanistic, holistic, energy, and mindfulness theory based on empirical findings and research.

While Karyne has taught Core Energetics at many venues around the world, she is now continuing her service by bringing the strongest teachers and cutting edge curricula to trainings in various areas in the United States. Her emphasis is integrating body wisdom and personality.

In addition to her training programs, Dr. Karyne is presently teaching Master’s level Holistic Counseling courses at Salve Regina University in Newport RI, and providing private sessions for individuals and couples from her headquarters office in Newport, RI. Future Core Energtics Academy trainings will be held in Western Pennsylvaina, Eastern Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina, as well as at the headquarters center in Rhode Island.

Karyne holds degrees in Clinical Psychology, Nonverbal Communication and Humanistic Education.

Working with people— learning why they behave in certain ways, helping them find better coping mechanisms, transform aspects of their personalities, improve their lives—these have been the deep and permanent goals in my life. KARYNE WILNER


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