Core ConstellationsCore Constellations offers a multidimensional approach to enriching life’s experiences by blending alternative methods for personal growth. The life-enriching environment permits you to challenge self-limiting life patterns, encourages you to experiment with new behaviors and supports you to sustain them over time.

Dr. Kate SinerDr. Kate Siner provides world-class training in entrepreneurial and personal development for value-driven entrepreneurs and individuals who want to build a generative, highly profitable business that has a positive impact on the world as well as leads to a fulfilled life.

Dutch Core Energetics Institute (NICE)The Dutch Core Energetics Institute (NICE) offers a four-year training program for students, psychotherapists and other care professionals in the specific techniques, theory and practice of Core Energetics, leading to the certificate of Core Energetics Therapist.

Institute of Core EnergeticsThe Institute of Core Energetics offers dynamic training programs leading to Core Energetics practitioner certification as well as programs for personal growth and embodied leadership development in an exciting and supportive learning community.

Radical Aliveness Core Energetics InstituteRadical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute works with group energy, a collective intelligence that requires each member’s total presence, participation, and connection. We learn to surrender to the energy inside of us and outside of us, allowing all of life to lead us.

Exceptional MarriageExceptional Marriage, an experience-based couple’s methodology which aims to maximize the potential that resides in every long term committed relationship.

Charles Corley, MEdWith over three decades of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups, Charles Corley, MEd has learned that a holistic approach to psychotherapy is a powerful, and in the long-term, cost-effective way to create lasting and positive changes in the lives of his clients. Charles Corley, MEd is co-director of the Core Energetics Academy with Karyne Wilner.

Rede Brasil Core EnergeticsRede Brasil Core Energetics é uma ponte entre psicologia e espiritualidade… Nesse treinamento você poderá aprender que a nossa evolução na terra é através de transformar as negatividades num movimento criativo.

Google Translation: Rede Brazil Core Energetics network is a bridge between psychology and spirituality… In this course you will learn that our evolution on earth is through transforming negatives into creative movement.

Core Energetic Institutes and Centers


Institute of Core Energetics New York –Kate Holt

Body-Psychotherapy of Seattle –Aylee Welch

Instituto de Core Energetica de Mexico –Mirna L. Molina Ramos

Core Equilibro Mexico –Arazù Cortès Padilla

Corpore Core Energetica Mexico –Jorge Galindo

Core Energetics Academy –Karyne Willner & Irene Bryan

Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics –Anna Timmermans & Cees van Loon

Core Energetics Polska — Liz Carl & Ala Konopko

Northwest Pathwork and Core Energetics — Ken & Kathleen Goldberg

CoreEsencia Guadelajara — Maria Saenz

Core Energetics Greece –Erena Bramos

Italian Institute of Core Energetics –Ivan Sebastiani

The Institute of Body Psychotherapy — Andrea Alexander

Instituto Core Energetics do Brasil — Lucia Helena Alencastro

Core Energetics Schweiz — Walid Daw

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