An Energetic Life: How We Can Achieve It

Core Energetics focuses upon the life force and considers energy to be the basic building block of human life. To work with energy, Core Energetic therapists employ movement in the session. Like a mosaic in motion, therapist and client move in relationship to each other, often engaged in physical exercises in tandem. Both are on their feet for much of the session, involved in cathartic release, grounding exercises, charging and discharging, and procedures to produce vibratory motion in the body.

Clients learn to use their sensory modalities to experience the distinction between blocked energy and energetic streamings. The return of a natural flow to the body enables them to become aware of forces beyond themselves, to feel fully alive, to experience potency and assertiveness, to explore their sexuality, to improve their physical health, to love others, and to free themselves from undesirable ways of being and dysfunctional behavior patterns.

John Pierrakos posits that every living substance pulsates with energy: cells, organs, and muscles expand with pleasure and contract with pain. Health, both mental and physical, is dependent upon energy flowing throughout the organism. People have an energetic field, called the aura, around their bodies. When the aura portrays stagnant energy due to contractions and fear of movement, disease processes may follow.

This topic will be continued in my next post, “The Core Energetic Therapy Process.”


The Four Stages of Therapy: A Holistic and Spiritual Perspective


Last Minute
Friday, October 8 & Saturday October 9, 2010


The Four Stages of Therapy involve confrontation of the mask, contact with the lower self,

and its transformation into a positive force, grounded in love and creativity. Participants

learn through lecture, demonstration, and experiential work how concepts of evil,

denial, destructiveness, cruelty, hate, and terror (lower self expressions) can

be transformed.


You will learn skills that

promote lower self expression, help clients overcome the fear of involuntary

movement and assertiveness, teach self-responsibility, and facilitate an exploration

of the path to a higher consciousness.Experiential exercises in the creative arts,

using visualization and meditation with prayer and ritual are a central focus of

higher self aspects of the training that lead to a reunion with one’s

authentic self and the recognition of one’s universal life task.

Dates, Locations, and Price. Friday, November 8th & Saturday, November 9th

(10 AM to 6 PM ) 182 Butler Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

Last Minute Fee $199.00 with this email CALL 401-316-7041


Leader: Karyne B. Wilner, PSYD
For information and reservation

call: 401-316-7041 or email:

Integrated Psychological Services Center

phone: 401-316-7041



Core Energetics Open House in New York City

Dear Friends of Core Energetics,

You are invited to an Open House on Friday, October 8, at the New York Core Center in NYC. Beginning at 7 p.m., there will be a Free presentation by Stuart Black, Director of the Institute of Core Energetics, followed by refreshments and information on the Institute’s programs, which begin November 5-7, 2010. 
We offer a wide variety of programs, including:
4-Year Practitioner Training Program
2- Year Professional Program
2- Year Living Core Energetics Program
1- Year Embodied Couples Therapy Training
All of the above programs will meet at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY in November. Beginining in December, they will meet at the Danbury Plaza and Conference Center in Danbury, CT. Both venues are easily accessible by train from NYC, with pickup at the train station.
 Please RSVP Jim at 1-800-901-1770

The Essence of Core Energetics

  With Stuart Black
Director, Institute of Core Energetics  

Friday, October 8, 2010, 7 p.m.


Core Energetics is a body centered therapy that treats the whole person – mind, body, spirit and emotion – by working with the body’s energy to understand, transform, and release any blocks or defenses that thwart people from living a rich, full life. The method is dynamic, creative and energizing, creating significant and lasting results.  

Come experience this life changing process with the man who has been living, teaching and fine-tuning this therapeutic method for over 30 years. Always innovative and ingenious, Stuart Black’s guiding influence has enhanced the lives of thousands of individuals. Let yourself be one of those fortunate individuals. Enter into an exciting and challenging exploration of  your present life situation and how to transform it – and yourself. 

Stuart Black, Director of the Institute of Core Energetics, makes visible his life work in his active commitment to bonding the Core Energetics Community world-wide and as the creator of the Core Energetic Intensive. Stuart teaches Core Energetics internationally, has a private practice in NYC, and has authored two books on Core Energetics. 

Location of Presentation & Open House: 115 East 23rd Street, 12th floor, New York City, NY (between Park & Lexington Aves)
To register  or for more information call 
1-800-901-1770  or email