What Is Core Energetics?

Information about the Core Energetic Process

Core Energetics Practitioners focus upon energy, the basic building block of human life. They employ movement in the session: physical exercises, grounding techniques, dance, and charge and discharge techniques.. They work with the chakras, the aura, and involuntary vibrations in the body.  By returning a natural flow of energy to the body, they enable people to feel fully alive, vital, assertive, sexual, and healthy.

John Pierrakos said that “every living substance pulsates with energy: cells, organs, and muscles expand with pleasure and contract with pain.” Health, both mental and physical, is dependent upon energy flowing through the organism.


One goal of Core Energetics is to open hearts to love. We help individuals remove obstacles to love and intimacy, so they can bask in the glow of love. The Core Energetic model depicts the existence of a spiritual center named the core or higher self. It is identified as the life force, creativity, love, and truth. Once in the higher self, the universal life plan for each individual becomes clear.


Energy molds our bodies. Posture, facial expression, weight, skin texture, respiration, eye contact, and bone structure are not simply the result of genetics. The body, like the clay of a sculptor, takes the shape influenced by an energetic response to social pressures and parental demands. Knowing where energy is blocked and where it flows in the body allows practitioners to hypothesize about a person’s particular problems, childhood wounds, and unresolved family or origin material.

Physical and emotional distress result from feelings and emotions which are repressed in the body in the form of energetic blocks. Resolution calls for active work with the musculoskeletal system for the purpose of freeing up energetic blocks and dysfunctions and releasing repressed negativity.

Our bodies are precious and beautiful. All experiences in life: feelings, thoughts, behavior, and spirituality, take place in and through the body. The body is the laboratory of life. For healing to take place in the psyche, the body must be involved.



At birth, if all goes well, infants possess creative potential and the capacity to love. However, at an early stage in life, and this can happen in the womb, infants are wounded. Children discover that true feelings,such as, anger, rage, fear, and terror are not tolerated and they are punished or shamed for the expression of these emotions. In reaction to societal injunctions, negative affect is repressed in the body. Repressed emotion can result depression, anxiety, or physical illness.

Negative feelings are replaced by socially acceptable “mask” thoughts and behaviors. The mask is composed of rationalizations, judgments, falsehoods, and blame. It results in a hardening of the musculature, a suppression of natural sensation, and a distortion of personality. Children grow into adulthood separated from their truth.


John C. Pierrakos created Core Energetics in the early 1970’s. It’s evolution followed from his studies with Wilhelm Reich and his partnership with Alexander Lowen with whom he developed Bioenergetics. The addition of a spiritual component stemmed from lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos, his wife, who founded the Pathwork Community.

Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD, Director
Karyne is the Director of the Core Energetics Academy and she is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Holistic Counseling Department at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. She held the position of Assistant Director of the Institute of Core Energetics from 2001 to 2011, and was Associate Director of the Australian Institute of Core Energetics and Senior Director of the Brazil Institute of Core Energetics from 1994 to 2004. Previous positions included Board Member of the Core Energetics Foundation, Director of Drexel University’s Counseling Center, and Group Co-Coordinator at the Humanistic Psychotherapy Studies Center. She has written numerous journal articles about Core Energetics and psychotherapy.

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