Private Therapy Sessions

Feelings and stories are stored in your body. Because they belong to the past they hold you back. My work with energy and somatic techniques helps you release past imprints from your body and experience the authentic self you were meant to be.

Benefits of the Approach

Experience your body

Structural changes, more integrated appearance

Less rigid, less awkward

Breathing deepens

More integrated

More alive

Stronger connections to inner feelings and truth

Stop feeling like a victim, stop blaming, take responsibility

Free blocks to sex and love

Begin or enhance relationships

Heal head, heart, and pelvis split.

More authentic

Less shame

Purpose in life

Balance active and receptive energies

Learn how to receive and accept

Learn how to assert and reach out to others

Learn to surrender to your feelings

Improve physical health

Couples Therapy Sessions

Two people come together to share, learn from each other, develop intimacy, communicate meaningfully, and experience intricate levels of connection.

Relationships require working with each other to breath fresh love into places where there was formerly pain and suffering.

  • Deepen levels of understanding
  • Honor your differences
  • Develop trust
  • Learn when to yield and when to hold strong
  • Release negativity, guilt, blame, and judgment
  • Explore your sexuality

To make an appointment, contact Karyne at 401-316-7041 or email