Curriculum Year 1: 2018 -2019

October 2018 – June 2019

If you are interested in joining this training please contact Karyne directly at or  401-316-7041. Interview and references are required.


View Year 3: 2017-2018 Schedule


Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day One: Foundations of Core Energetics

• Learn about the Founders of Body Psychotherapy and Core Energetics —  Pierrakos, Lowen, & Reich.

• Find out about the development of character analysis, the 5 basic personality types — ask what is your type?

• Delve into the mask, core self, and shadow self. Discover your universal life path.

• Explore the history of sexuality and human energy from Freud through the present, and learn how to approach sexuality through body work and energy healing.

Day Two: The Core Personality

• Decipher the map of personality.

• Convert negative attributes and attitudes to higher-self “yes-currents.”

•  Release and transform the shadow (lower-self) — confront fear, shame, evil, destructiveness and cruelty.

•  Honor the authentic self in all its truth and beauty.

• Experience the pyramid model in which mind, body, feelings, will, and spirit interact holistically.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 6MODULE 2: ENERGY THEORY & SOMATIC TECHNIQUES – 14 CE Credits

Friday, November 9 through Sunday, November 11, 2018

Day One: Learn the Theory of Energy and Consciousness

• Explore the five energy types.

• Experience the energetic qualities of the chakras and aura.

• Identify how energy appears in the body (leaks, fragments, splits, overcharge, undercharge, vibration, pulsation, streaming, expansion, contraction, flooding, grounding, containment).

• Learn how beliefs, attitudes, and images  (consciousness) shape your body and affect your energy field.

Day Two: Working with Energy

• Techniques to open energy blockages and create a path toward healing.

• Techniques to promote flow through the seven body segments.

• Techniques to release and decrease body armor.

• Energy techniques to heal wounds from childhood.

• Techniques to balance energy.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 3MODULE 3: When Energy Fragments, Grounding and Contact – 14 CE Credits

Friday, December 14 through Sunday December 16, 2018

Day One: The Fragmented Personality

• Work with fragmented energy from a holistic, bodymind perspective.

• Facilitate the ability to make contact, be in reality, and have a healthy energy flow.

• What happens when children receive a dose of hate? Explore the traumatized, fragmented, character defense.

• Learn about early rejection and abuse — even in the womb!

• Identify fragmented energy in the body and apply healing techniques.

Day Two: Gentle Healing Techniques for Trauma

• Practice techniques to heal, integrate, and provide harmony.

• Learn how to release blocks in the ocular segment.

• Experience soft and gentle techniques to help the body release fear and terror.

• Experience and practice mindfulness meditation, focusing, and energy balancing.

• Scan the aura and balance the chakras.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 3MODULE 4: A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO THE ORAL STRUCTURE – 14 CE Credits

Friday, April 5 through Sunday, April 7, 2019

Day One:The Undercharged, Oral, Need-Driven Personality

• Understand the energy wounding associated with abandonment.

• Differentiate between real and false needs.

• Understand how deprivation and lack of nurturing impacts behavior.

• Develop healthy, less demanding ways to make contact with others.

• Explore treatment issues that occur for those who experienced neglect and abandonment.

Day Two: Grounding, Breathing, Feeling & Movement Techniques

• Observe the collapse in the physical structure.

• Learn grounding techniques to establish stability and take responsibility.

• Learn breathing techniques to open muscular blocks, enhance pleasure, deepen feelings, and strengthen

energy flow and pulsation.

• Explore the relationship between movement, feeling, and aliveness.

• Become proficient with charging techniques that enhance vitality.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day One: The Overcharged, Enmeshed Personality

• Learn how smothering, controlling caregivers affect the mind and the body .

• Explore resistance in therapy and how it can lead to positive growth.

• Individuate, develop autonomy, and find your unique voice.

• Learn how passive-aggressive behavior and spite impact the body and the energy field..

• Confront the sweet mask, release the vengeful lower self, and reveal the deep loving core.

Day Two: Techniques To Work With Resistance and Anger in the Body

• Learn to work with resistance in the body.

• Use the bio-energetic stool and the core roller to release energy blocks.

• Learn assertiveness techniques that promote healthy anger and freedom.

• Practice exercises that discharge excess blocked energy from the legs, arms, shoulders, pelvis, and back of the neck.

• Observe and diagnose the overcharged body of the anxious, dependent, personality type.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23, 2019

Day One: The Upper Displaced, “My Way Or The Highway” Personality

• Learn why children can’t trust.

• Explore early wounding. Learn about parental seduction and betrayal.

• Identify the devious, manipulative mask, the vicious lower self, and courageous core of this structure.

• Learn how to help your client build trust and give up unnecessary power.

• Observe the upper-displaced, physical structure of the psychopath.

• Release arrogance and increase empathy.

• Learn techniques to bring energy down to the legs and feet and away from the head.

Day Two: Freedom From Frozen Images

• Learn how frozen human energy creates negative mental images.

• Learn how destructive behavior, distorted belief systems, projections, and blame are consequences of blocked energy.

• Interrupt the vicious cycle that creates negative images.

• Work with your own deep images to change life patterns that keep you stuck.

Day Three: Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision



Attendance and participation in discussions and experiential exercises is required.

• Absences excused by the director and made up at a later time.

• Homework handed in or emailed to the instructor prior to the training weekend.

• Trainees keep a journal during or following each training weekend sharing personal experiences, emotions, and thoughts. Since the journal is handed at the end of each year of training Include only personal information that you are comfortable sharing with the instructor.

• A final project in the form of a paper or art project is required at the end of the first year.

• A final video of your work with a client is required two weeks prior to graduation.

• Because personal information is shared during the training, confidentiality is required.

Twelve personal  core energetics sessions with a certified Core therapist are required for each training year.



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