Sex and Your Health

Sex and Your Health

From Dr. Karyne B Wilner

This workshop invites participants to remove blocks to sexuality. Because the integration of heart and pelvis–love and sex–is necessary for physical as well as mental health, the goal is to build a bridge that connects heart feelings with pelvic energy in order to achieve more love, intimacy, sexuality, passion, and physical health. Participants will say goodbye to the splits, that permit love without sex and sex without love. This workshop explores:

  • Personal blocks to love
  • The act of surrender to intimacy
  • Heart/pelvis integration
  • Physical attraction
  • Links between spirituality, physical health, and pleasure

You will unlock your ability to love more fully than you ever have in the past. You will learn ways to enlighten your mind, enliven your body, and open your heart! The goal is to remove negative energy and transform it.

Your Facilitator:  Karyne is a licensed psychologist who practices in Providence, RI and Director of Core Energetics Academy. An adjunct instructor at Salve Regina University, she also teaches Core Energetics to mental health professionals in many different countries. In the past, she was Assistant Director of The Institute of Core Energetics, Associate Director of Core Energetics Australia, and Senior Director of Core Energetics Brazil. Her passion is helping people find love. Her current interest is writing about what the body communicates about the personality and its connection to sexuality and love.

Sponsor: Core Energetics Academy