Sex and Your Health

Sex & Health

(karyne’s salon workshop)

Presenter Dr. Karyne B Wilner

This workshop invites participants to develop a deeper understanding of  how to work with sexuality in their practices — from a mind/body/energy perspective. The integration of heart and pelvis–love and sex–is necessary for physical as well as mental health. Your goal as a practitioner is to build a bridge that connects heart feelings with pelvic energy. This will result in greater  love, intimacy, sensitivity, passion, and physical health. People will struggle with fewer sexual problems, addictions, compulsions, and objectification of the other. Your clients will be spared the splits, that create love without sex and sex without love. This one-day workshop explores:

  • Blocks to love
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Heart/pelvis integration
  • Sexual deviancy transformed
  • Spirituality, physical health, and pleasure
  • The shadow of sexual abuse

You will learn techniques that have been found to heal early sexual woundings and intgrate mind, body, heart, and pelvis.

Your Facilitator:  Karyne is a licensed psychologist who practices in Newport, RI and Newtown, CT. She is director of the Core Energetics Academy and an adjunct instructor at Salve Regina University. She has taught Core Energetics to mental health professionals in many different countries. In the past, she was Assistant Director of The Institute of Core Energetics, Associate Director of Core Energetics Australia, and Senior Director of Core Energetics Brazil. Her current interest is writing about what the body communicates about the personality and its connection to sexuality and love.

Date: Sunday October 20th, 2019.  Fee: $99.00 .  Time: 10am to 5pm.  Lunchbreak 1-2

Location: 141 Mount Pleasant Road, Newtown, CT. 06470