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Karyne Wilner’s Core Energetics offers a certificate program for mental health professionals and body workers based on the world-renowned Core Energetics method plus principles of humanistic/existential psychology and holistic counseling theory.


Therapists, counselors, coaches, healers and energy workers become certified in a comprehensive energy-renewing method that helps their patients.



  • Overcome and heal deeply stored, inhibiting, emotional imprints left in the body from earlier unresolved painful experiences.


  • Refresh and enhance the natural flow of life energy and love so they can enjoy a more integrated and harmonious life on every level.


Students experience the full benefit of this vivifying process as they learn. The whole person is embraced, because both soma and spirit are linked in the Core Energetic process.


“We cannot continue to ignore our body’s generous wisdom, or act as if our body is an unknowing mechanism separate from ourselves. When we learn how to recognize, unleash, and receive core energy, the mysteries of the universe can penetrate our body’s shape and reveal new pathways for self-discovery that guide us to higher levels of heart-awakening spiritual transformation.” KARYNE WILNER, PsyD.  Finding Your Body’s Wisdom. (Book in progress).


Karyne, the former Assistant Director for the Institute of Core Energetics, has been a practicing holistic psychotherapist for more than 30 years.




  • Core  Higher Self; heart, truth, love, beauty.


  • False Self  The mask one wears to block one’s truth and core
    energy; a learned behavior that provides a false sense of safety.


  • Lower Self  Primitive and negative energy that is held in the body and  produces distorted choices, thoughts and actions.


  • Body Reading  Viewing and reading physical blocks in musculature, posture and movement; a way to identify and resolve personality, behavior, and health distortions.


  • Holistic  Unity of mind, body, spirit and emotions wherein the personality becomes more integrated and harmonious; essential for healthy choice and living from the Higher Self.


  • No-current  The operating presence of negative energy from the Lower Self that refuses pleasure, resists joy, and sabotages love.


  • Yes-current  The operating presence of positive energy from the Higher Self that engages with others, supports healthy behavior, enlivens authenticity for wholly loving and fully living.



For Information by email: karynew@aol.com or Call:  401-316-7041

“Good therapy is both an art and a science.”