Couples Therapy SessionsSome of the ways KARYNE WILNER’S CORE ENERGETICS Psychotherapy helps couples include:

  • Learning how to take risks in sharing, leaving nothing unsaid, so as to achieve deeper levels of understanding.
  • Learning how to listen from your heart, to hear and honor the differences between the two of you in both meaning and expression.
  • Improving trust and intimacy.
  • Knowing when to yield and when to hold strong.
  • Learning how to transform negativity, let go of shame, and release guilt, blame and judgment.
  • Moving past betrayals and disappointment to a place of loving acceptance and joy.
  • Exploring sexuality and how it can be enhanced.

Couples sessions are between 45 and 60 minutes in length depending upon your insurance. They take place at my office in Middletown, RI. Longer sessions that occur monthly can be scheduled.

To make an appointment, contact Karyne at 401-316-7041 or email


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