Sexuality Module Code

Cirriculum Year 1, Module 6MODULE 1: A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SEXUALITY – 14 CE Credits

Friday – Sunday , 2016

The Harmonious, Sexual, Goal Directed, Rigid Personality

• Explore issues of sexual rejection, confusion about love, and need for perfection.

• Transform negative sexual attitudes into positive and healthy modes of sexual expression.

• Learn about the rigid wounding and the rigid defense: how the Oedipal Complex shapes personality.

• Create a bridge between sexuality and love.

• Observe the physical structure of the rigid personality.

• Understand how to work with sexual abuse and its consequences.

Techniques to Increase Sexual Health & Decrease Dysfunction

• Learn techniques for release of sexual anger.

• Integrate head, heart and pelvis using Bioenergetic and Core Energetics exercises.

• Release the resistance to pleasure through dance and movement.

• Explore the pelvic segment, identifying energy blocks in the lower back, legs, feet, hips, and buttocks.

• Review techniques from traditional sex therapies.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


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