Core Energetics Workshop

Presentations & Workshops

The Dynamic Forces of Love

When currents of love ignite, a brilliant flame brings fulfillment, encouraging trust and intimacy. This workshop addresses obstacles and resistances to love, the positive ego, the “will to love”, and the process of opening the heart.

Healing the Sexual Self

Intimacy and sexual problems are addressed and self-love, a necessary condition for loving others, is enhanced. The armor that covers the heart is removed in order to achieve a willingness to surrender to love and sexual pleasure.

Body Readings

The body reveals the frozen history of the person, but it can also identify the person’s present and future potentialities. Participants will learn how to identify personality factors and life wounds. Body readings can help those who wish to enhance business, sales, therapeutic, and/or social relationships.

Happiness Together: Clearing the Path to Love

This workshop is for couples. When energy flows in a relationship, couples experience intimacy; when it is blocked they experience resentment, fear, and misunderstandings. Energetic blocks are removed that impede intimacy. The lower self, mask, and higher self of the relationship are identified. “The will to love” and “the will of the heart” are explored and unconscious patterns and negative intentions that harm relationships are transformed.

Beauty From the Heart: A Woman’s Workshop

Beauty can be seen through the aura you give off, the flow of your energy, and the flame in your heart. You will learn to create an energy flow in your body, use posture to present your confident self, employ nonverbal communications to emphasize your strengths, and overcome feelings of shame and humiliation concerning your body.

The Oedipul Complex

Work out unresolved material involving your parents that creates difficulty in your current relationships. Rejection by the opposite sex parent at sensitive developmental points can lead to a myriad of relationship problems, having to do with intimacy, trust, affairs, the inability to find that special someone, and so forth. Participants will learn techniques to free themselves for love.

Healing Early Trauma

This presentation explores a Core Energetics approach to early trauma. Techniques and strategies to heal and work with “the hated child” and “the abandoned child” are demonstrated. These simple techniques are can lead to an intense, healing experience for the client, enhancing nurturing elements, promoting spirituality, teaching self-soothing behavior, reinforcing intimacy, and providing grounding opportunities. Spiritual principles and energy work help wounded clients form a basis for trust and intimacy.

Fire in the Heart

In this workshop you will unlock your ability to love fully. You will enlighten your mind, enliven your body, and open your heart. Negative energy will be transformed and a bridge between love, intimacy, sexuality, and physical health will be built.


Character Structures ~ Going Deeper

DATE: Saturday, July 16th

TIME: 10:00 – 4:00

PLACE: Core Energetics Academy, Middletown RI Cost: $99 ($60 for Core Energetics Academy present and past trainees)

Important: Registration Required by Saturday, 7/2

Call Cris Jacobs 860-559-5946

Go deeper in your understanding of the Character Structures: appreciate how your Structure helped you cope as a child…. and see how this relates to limitations and gifts in your life now. We will focus on the origin of each Structure and: • Presenting Issues • Physical traits • Behavior patterns • Lower Self energy • Core Energetics Bodywork • Transformation Path • Strengths – Higher, or Core Qualities There will also be movement and breathing exercises… as well as activities to explore where you are with your own blend of character structures…. leading to more process-oriented work.

Cris Jacobs is a Life Change Coach in West Har3ord, at the Har3ord Family Ins;tute’s Center for Healing Arts. He has been helping clients transform their lives, rela;onships, and careers since he transi;oned from his 20-year corporate career in 1997. Cris has a Cer;ficate as a Core Energe;cs Prac;;oner, an advanced cer;ficate in EFT, and is in Phase 3 of the Har3ord Family Ins;tute’s (HFI) Professional Training in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing. Before beginning his Core Energe;cs studies, Cris completed 2 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Other educa;on includes an MBA (Dartmouth) and an undergraduate degree in Psychology & Economics (Duke).

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