The Training

In this Certificate Training, you’ll learn to


1. PINPOINT & TRANSFORM the emotional attitudes that defeat healthy activities by unconsciously broadcasting “No-currents” to the world.


2. CHANGE aspects of your clients’ behavior that worked when they were young but don’t get the results they need now.


3. IDENTIFY the parts of the physical body that reveal core aspects of character and personality.


4. REDESIGN body posture and appearance according to the balanced rules of energy and nature.


5. DEMYSTIFY and ease physical ailments that make life more difficult.


6. RETRIEVE the cut-off aspects of self that are secretly sabotaging one’s efforts to achieve spiritual transformation and a harmonious personality.


7. WEAVE the life themes of love, integrity and the “Yes-current” of a passionate presence into your own life.



  • Transform yourself as you transform your practice.

  • Enhance your capacity to experience love and pleasure.

  • Experience yourself as thehe source and greatest resource of your clinical work.

  • Learn how to help people open their hearts, still their minds, transform fear to love.



Contact: Karyne Wilner, PsyD — 401-316-7041

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  • Certification as Core Energetics Practitioners.

To register:  email or call 401-316-7041.

If you are not already licensed, it may be necessary for you to fulfill your states requirements for licensure and certification. Please familiarize yourselves with those requirements prior to setting up practice.