Two Year Professional Certification Program 

Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion — Holistic Counseling and Energy Psychology

Year One –Five Modules –Three Days Each

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CURRICULUM YEAR 1: October 2013 – June 2014

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Friday Oct. 18 – Sunday Oct. 20, 2013

Energy Theory for Therapists

  • Learn energy and consciousness theory and techniques.
  • Explore the five energy character types.
  • Open blocks in the energy field and create a strong path toward healing.
  • Experience the energetic qualities of the chakras and aura.
  • Promote flow through the seven body segments.

 The Core Personality

  • Decipher the map of personality and identify the mask, higher self, and lower self.
  • Convert negative attributes to higher-self “yes-currents.”
  • Explore the masks of serenity, power, pride, self-will, fear, reason and emotion.
  • Release and transform the lower-self; confront fear, shame, evil, destructiveness and cruelty.
  • Honor the authentic self in all its truth and beauty.


Energy Therapy– As Seen Through the Lens of the 4 Essential Abilities

  • Learn a roadmap for healing, change, and human potential.
  • Use Core Energetics to think more clearly, feel more deeply, act more effectively, and interact with honesty.
  • Teach the benefits of being able to tolerate and experience, to distinguish and assess, to say no and to say yes.
  • Explore the origins with founder John C. Pierrakos, MD and his mentor, Wilhelm Reich, MD, who developed a model combining body, energy, and character that became the foundation for somatic therapies worldwide.
  • Attain a broad overview of the 5 basic character defenses.


MODULE 2 The Holistic Treatment of Trauma  — 14 CE Credits
Friday Dec. 13 – Sunday Dec. 15, 2013

The Fragmented Personality

  • Understand how to work with attachment and trauma using a holistic perspective.
  • Facilitate the development of a creative ego, the ability to make contact, be in reality, and have a healthy energy flow.
  • Explore the schizoid, fragmented, character defense.
  • Reenact the parental dysfunction, rejection, and early wounding.
  • Replace detachment, fragmentation and depersonalization with integration and harmony.

Core Energetic Techniques to Heal Trauma

  • Observe and diagnose fragmented energy in the physical body.
  • Release armor and blocks in the ocular segment.
    • Learn soft and gentle techniques to heal wounding and fragmentation.
    • Experience and practice mindfulness, focusing, and energy psychology techniques for trauma.
    • Scan the aura and balance the chakras.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

MODULE 3 –  The Holistic Approach to Depression  14 CE Credits
Friday Jan. 31 – Sunday Feb. 2, 2014

The Undercharged, Oral Personality

  • Understand the wounding and outcome of early abandonment.
  • Differentiate between real and false needs.
  • Identify the life task, mask, and lower self of the deprived individual.
  • Develop healthy less demanding ways to make contact with others.
  • Explore treatment issues and relationship to the borderline personality.

Grounding, Breathing, Feeling & Movement Techniques

  • Observe and diagnose the undercharged physical structure.
  • Learn grounding techniques to help establish stability and responsibility.
  • Learn breathing techniques to enhance fulfillment and deepen feeling.
  • Explore the relationship between movement and feeling.
  • Become proficient with charging techniques that enhance vitality.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision


Module 4 – The Holistic Approach to DEPENDENCY14 CE Credits
Friday March 28 – Sunday March 30, 2014

The Overcharged, Enmeshed, Masochistic Personality

  • Understand the wounding from smothering, controlling caregivers .
  • Explore the role of resistance in the therapy and how to use it for positive growth.
  • Help clients individuate and find their unique voices.
  • Identify how passive-aggressive behavior and spite create an underlying negativity.
  • Confront the sweet, sticky mask, release the vengeful lower self, and reveal the deep loving core of the masochistic defense.


Techniques for Individuation and Self-Expression

  • Identify and practice techniques that enhance independence.
  • Explore how to use the bio-energetic stool and the core roller to release energy blocks in the body.
  • Learn new assertiveness techniques that promote healthy anger and freedom.
  • Practice exercises that discharge excess blocked energy from the muscles.
  • Observe and diagnose the overcharged muscular structure of the masochist.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

MODULE 5 —  A Holistic Approach To Power and Control — 14 CE Credits
Friday May 2 – Sunday May 2, 2014

The Upper Displaced, “My Way Or The Highway” Psychopathic Personality

  • Learn what happens to children who can’t trust.
  • Explore the developmental issues and wounding behind the psychopathic defense.
  • Find out about the devious, manipulative mask, vicious lower self, and courageous core of the psychopath.
  • Formulate a process to build trust and give up unnecessary power.
  • Observe and diagnose the upper displaced, physical structure of the psychopath.
  • Learn techniques to release the anger held in the upper body.
  • Learn techniques to carry energy down to the legs and feet and away from the head.

Freedom From Frozen Images

  • Explore the process by which frozen energy creates images in the mind.
  • Learn that negative behavior and faulty belief systems are consequences of blocked energy.
  • Identify the vicious cycle that creates negative behavior that creates more images.
  • Work with your own deep images in order to change the life patterns they have created.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision

Friday June 27 – Sunday June 29, 2014

The Harmonious, Goal Directed, Rigid Personality

  • Explore issues of sexual rejection, confusion about love, and perfection.
  • Transform negative sexual attitudes into positive and healthy modes of sexual expression.
  • Learn about the rigid wounding and the rigid defense.
  • Create a bridge between sexuality and love.
  • Review sexual inhibitions, dysfunction, distortions, gender identity, and boundary violations.
  • Understand sexual abuse and its consequences.

Techniques to Awaken Your Vital Sexuality

  • Learn techniques for release of sexual anger.
  • Integrate head, heart and pelvis using bioenergetic and core energetic exercises.
  • Release the resistance to pleasure through dance and movement.
  • Explore the pelvic segment, identifying energy blocks in the lower back, legs, feet, hips, and buttocks.
  • Review techniques from traditional sex therapies.

Full Day of Group Process and Group Supervision