Dr. Karyne Wilner

THE CORE ENERGETICS ACADEMY, Offers Publications, Workshops, Seminars, and Webinars, focusing on Non-Verbal Communications and Core Energetics Body Readings, Techniques for Somatic & Energy Therapists, and Healing Methods, based on Dr. John C. Pierrakos’s work with the chakras and the aura, that integrate head, heart and pelvis.

DR KARYNE WILNER teaches her students and workshop participants how to return a natural flow of energy to the body, enabling their clients to heal early trauma, to feel fully alive, to experience personal power, to explore their sexuality, and to improve their physical health.

  • To study with Karyne is to open your heart, remove obstacles and blocks from your body, and speak your truth.
  • You will learn to help others heal painful consequences that stem from unresolved earlier experiences.  Karyne teaches somatic methods to diminish anger, grief, depression, and anxiety.
  • She uses her unique knowledge of  the body’s functioning to help people grow, change, become unstuck, and transition from one life phase to the next
  • She provides tools to enhance the natural flow of life energy in order to enjoy a more integrated and harmonious life on every level.

Counselors, coaches, healers, nurses, physicians, yoga teachers, massage therapists, energy workers,  ministers, psychologists, and social workers train with Dr. Wilner in a variety of settings worldwide.

We cannot continue to ignore our body’s generous wisdom, or act as if our body is an unknowing mechanism separate from ourselves. When we learn how to recognize, unleash, and receive core energy, the mysteries of the universe can penetrate our body’s shape and reveal new pathways for self-discovery that guide us to higher levels of heart-awakening spiritual transformation. KARYNE WILNER, PsyD. Finding Your Body’s Wisdom. (Book in progress).


  • Core: Higher Self; heart, truth, love, beauty.
  • False Self: The mask one wears to block one’s truth and core energy; a learned behavior that provides a false sense of safety.
  • Lower Self: Primitive and negative energy that is held in the body and produces distorted choices, thoughts and actions.
  • Body Reading: Viewing and reading physical blocks in musculature, posture and movement; a way to identify and … Read More


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