Dr. Karyne Wilner

Dr. Karyne Wilner, PsyD

To study with Dr. Karyne is to open your heart, remove obstacles and blocks from your body, and speak your truth.

Dr. Karyne’s Publications, Workshops, Seminars, and Webinars, focus on Non-Verbal Communications, Body Readings, and  Core Energetic Techniques for Somatic & Energy Therapists.

She will teach you how to understand what others are actually communicating by reading their body language. And, more importantly, she will teach you how to change your body in order to get your true message and desires across.

Karyne specializes in healing early trauma by returning a natural flow of energy to the body.

By attending her workshops, you will feel fully alive, experience your personal power fully, explore your sexuality, improve your physical health, and communicate at deeper and more authentic levels.

Counselors, coaches, healers, nurses, physicians, yoga teachers, massage therapists, energy workers, ministers, psychologists, and social workers study Energy Healing,  Body Reading, and Core Energetics Somatic Techniques with Dr. Karyne in a variety of settings worldwide.

We cannot continue to ignore our body’s generous wisdom, or act as if our body is an unknowing mechanism separate from ourselves. When we learn how to recognize, unleash, and receive core energy, the mysteries of the universe can penetrate our body’s shape and reveal new pathways for self-discovery that guide us to higher levels of heart-awakening spiritual transformation. KARYNE WILNER, PsyD. Finding Your Body’s Wisdom. (Book in progress).



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