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teaching 2The Unconscious in the Body —– The Body Knows the Truth

Body Wisdom Supervision Group

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4 Wednesday Evenings: October 7, 14, 21, 28

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Eight Continuing Education Credits offered through the RIMHCA

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Body Reading is an Art; Body Reading is a Science; Body Reading Speaks the Truth

Never Judge the Body: It is Your Home on Earth

How to Read Your Body to Remedy Your Life

Supervision Group — Topics Covered
The Body: hidden messages, out of conscious awareness, secrets, and stories
Interventions for Growth and Change
Trauma and Body Reading
We will use photographs, drawings, and modeling to understand the hidden messages and incorporate appropriate me

The body is like a map. By knowing how to read it, one can achieve a better understanding of oneself and others, discovering and transforming barriers to success in work, romance, play, and overall happiness. Tremendous benefits derive from decoding messages that originate in the body, including a healthy body and mind, a fulfilling life style, successful relationships, and pleasure that radiates throughout your being.

Body reading is a method I have used for over 30 years with thousands of clients and in workshops I have conducted throughout the U.S. and in other countries. In this workshop, we will look at several different body formations and address what is being communicated about the person’s struggles as well as their needs and potential for life fulfillment.

Current research shows that various chemicals, neurotransmitter substances, and neuropeptides occur in the brain to form thoughts and behavior. Once they leave the brain and travel with the blood throughout the body, they shape energy flow, emotional responses, and health or disease in various organs, joints, and muscles. This biochemical bouquet creates the body language that helps us uncover information about ourselves that has been outside conscious awareness.

The body reveals information about one’s personality, goals, life struggles, and unfulfilled needs. For instance, the body will indicate how one responds to rejection, whether one can sustain an ongoing relationship, and if one works hard or forgoes responsibility. My students learn to assess themselves, their clients, and others in their lives with the goal of relationship enhancement. They learn exercises and techniques designed to change themselves in order to improve their lives.

Body Language: Face, Neck, and Chest

Presented by: Dr. Karyne B. Wilner

SHORT SUMMARY: The face represents Information you are willing to share with others. The throat, neck, and tongue represent receiving love and speaking the truth. The shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, and upper back represent connecting to others and the ability to make things happen. In this seminar you will learn what the body communicates about personality and behavior and how to make changes to enhance one’s life.

• Learn what the body communicates about one’s deepest yearnings.

• Learn how to read others.

• Learn how to help people regain the shape, posture, and personality that is true to themselves.

In this one day seminar, we explore the upper body. Part 2 and 3 will be given at later dates.

Presenter Bio:
Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD, licensed psychologist, has a private practice in Newtown, CT. She currently directs the Core Energetics Academy and was formerly Assistant Director of the International Institute for Core Energetics, Senior Director of the Brazilian Institute, and Associate Director in Australia. She has traveled widely giving lectures, workshops, and seminars, and she has written numerous journal articles about somatics and psychology. In addition to her training programs, she is presently teaching Master’s level Holistic Counseling courses at Salve Regina University in Newport RI. Her joy is in helping people become more authentic and lead richer, fuller lives.

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