Holistic Professional Training Program

Holistic Professional Training Program — Mindbody, Core Energetics, Core Living Therapy
Begins, Friday, October 28 – 30, 2011

Someone recently mentioned The Celestine Prophecy to me. Remembering that book reminded me why this Two Year Professional Training in Holistic Counseling, Core Energetics, and Core Living Therapy is so important to me and to those who are enrolling in it. A sentence that stuck with me said: “When something beyond chance leads us forward in our lives than we become more actualized. We feel as if we are obtaining what destiny is leading us to become.”

Continuing Education Credits and Certificate Program

I hope that the therapists, healers, and body workers who sign up for this training experience themselves moving forward in life guided by mysterious coincidence. This training is designed for those professionals who desire to understand the psychological implications of energy and its healing qualities, and for those interested in finding their truth and experiencing tranformation.Curriculum 2011-2012 Integrative and Energy Theory for Therapists and Healers; The Holistic Treatment of Trauma; Holistic Techniques for Enmeshment and Betrayal; Reading the Body to Creat a Treatment Plan; Exploring Sexuality Through Integrative Techniques; Suptervision and Process Group — Every Weekend

Director: Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD, First Year Dates: Friday – Sunday: October 28-30, November 18-20, 2011 — January 27-29, March 23-35, May 25-27, 2012, Place: 3047 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI, 02871 Inexpensive nearby motels for those traveling from a distance. Questions and Information: 401-316-7041 or More Information at

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