The Four Stages of Therapy: A Holistic and Spiritual Perspective


Last Minute
Friday, October 8 & Saturday October 9, 2010


The Four Stages of Therapy involve confrontation of the mask, contact with the lower self,

and its transformation into a positive force, grounded in love and creativity. Participants

learn through lecture, demonstration, and experiential work how concepts of evil,

denial, destructiveness, cruelty, hate, and terror (lower self expressions) can

be transformed.


You will learn skills that

promote lower self expression, help clients overcome the fear of involuntary

movement and assertiveness, teach self-responsibility, and facilitate an exploration

of the path to a higher consciousness.Experiential exercises in the creative arts,

using visualization and meditation with prayer and ritual are a central focus of

higher self aspects of the training that lead to a reunion with one’s

authentic self and the recognition of one’s universal life task.

Dates, Locations, and Price. Friday, November 8th & Saturday, November 9th

(10 AM to 6 PM ) 182 Butler Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

Last Minute Fee $199.00 with this email CALL 401-316-7041


Leader: Karyne B. Wilner, PSYD
For information and reservation

call: 401-316-7041 or email:

Integrated Psychological Services Center

phone: 401-316-7041


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