Sample Body Reading

Louise tells the group she hates her body and she has had spinal surgery for scoliosis.

I tell her that she may have received a dose of hate while she was still in the womb. Her body is wounded, but not ugly.

KBW “Your psychological wound seems to have been created by an early dose of hate, usually in the first 3 months of life. You may have felt you were not lovable and not wanted. At times you may have felt something like ‘what’s the use of being here; why even go on’. This is not a suicidal thought, but a sense of not belonging, not fitting in, in any shape or form. Some people who receive this wound are very spiritual. Are you spiritual? “

L “Yes, I am.“

“KBW “You also tend to detach from what is happening around you. Do you tune out some of the time?”

L “Yes, I do.”

KBW “Your chest is relatively boney and the ribs stick out. This is generally a sign of early deprivation and abandonment. Your parenting figures may not have supported you, although some of this may have happened in a past life.”

“The collapse in your feet at the arch shows feelings of unworthiness and not being able to stand up for yourself. “

L “My defense is to prove the opposite, that I am worthy.”

KBW “You stand with your feet fairly wide apart in an effort to ground and make up for the support you did not receive. The problem is that by standing with your legs and feet far apart your life energy is free to dissipate, so that it is no longer yours.”

KBW “The scoliosis in your spine shows that when you came into this world you brought with you a powerful soul or personality. You were more powerful than your family could handle, and in order to live in your family you had to squash this power. When the child squashes this power it distorts the spine and leads to scoliosis.”

KBW “You must be a very strong person, for even with this kind of wounding, you seem to function well. You did not end up in a mental hospital.”

KBW “I suggest to you work on your anger (when the young child or infant receives hate, she mirrors it back to the world in the form of suppressed anger or hate.) Once you release the anger, you are free to develop your femininity and your soft side. Your body has not yet filled in the feminine softness. Your legs are positioned apart in a masculine stance, and by keeping them so far apart you lose your grounding and your sexual energy.”

KBW “What is your purpose here on the planet? How can you achieve more personal fulfillment. With this wound, it is important to explore your life purpose and to make a full commitment to life.”

L “I exist and I fight back. I am a life coach and I am active in politics.”

KBW “What do you want for yourself? “

L “I want love, but I don’t know how to get it.”

KBW “You must open your heart, but that goes hand and hand with getting out your anger.”

We end when I ask her to open her arms toward the group of people who are observing the reading and embrace them and receive their loving feelings. Many of whom come up and hug her.

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