“Throughout my twenty years of psychiatric practice, I have come to the conclusion that the old format of doctor-patient relationship is no longer sufficient to fill the needs of an emerging new consciousness in man. My own personal development had led me on a pathway that has enabled me to resolve deep-seated problems that could heretofore not dissolve. I have begun, in recent years, to use new approaches and methods that have yielded similar results in those who committed themselves to search further within themselves. This has led me to the realization that these approaches and methods could be communicated to other therapists, psychiatrists and all those who help other human beings to find their highest potentials.”

The beginning of this century was an era of the discoveries of the unconscious mind by Freud, of the concepts of the psyche by Jung, and the integration of the energy concepts of the body by Reich. Each one of these men carry a specific task in the understanding of man. All three represent the three aspects of man: the body, the mind and the soul.”

The era of integration of body, mind and soul is psychiatry has also arrived in the same manner as in politics, government, education and other disciplines.”

Within the core of man lie literally limitless creative potentials to change his life, his circumstances, his own limitations of self-expression. To reach this core, is not a simple matter. But once the resistance to finding this power of self-creation is faced and worked through, new freedoms open up in the living center of man.”

This new approach constitutes a new modality in therapy to be known as CORE THERAPY. The main purpose of the Institute for Core Therapy will be to develop new concepts in the healing process. This approach integrates the body, emotions, mind and soul with the core, or higher self. Those who explore this evolutionary process will come in touch with a higher consciousness in themselves and be able to help others in that direction.”

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