Here are some meanings of the word surrender.

To trust in one’s life processes,

To accept life situations as they are without trying to change them.

To be in the present moment.

To accept what is not in your control.

To be willing to be responsible, to accept guidance, teaching, pleasure, and to let go.

To experience the divine.

To release illusions.

To accept the truth.

To let go of fear and tension.

To experience all your feelings.

Each of us needs to surrender. Some of us need  to let go of the feeling that we don’t have the right to be here or to live fully. Others need to surrender to feelings and experiencing emotions. Those of us who have cut off from our bodies need to surrender to physical sensations, even those that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Some of us refuse support from others, being unwilling to feel out of control or helpless. We need to let go, accept the help, feel sexual, and experience pleasure. Some have to give up the illusion of being consumed by  others and the fantasy of complete freedom.

Many of us need to surrender to love, to express it, and to open our hearts. We may also need to surrender to heartbreak, to the experience of rejection, feeling abandoned, and feeling dependent.

Surrender feels like falling, with no visible means of support. We fear falling in love, even though we yearn for it. We fear fusion with another, even though we desire it.

We fear loss of self, death, falling asleep, the unknown, darkness, and involuntary acts.

To experience surrender and the fear of it, practice falling. Stand with your back facing a bed. Allow yourself to fall backwards. Don’t turn your head to see how you will fall. Let yourself down softly. Once you fall, don’t  get up immediately and go on to the next thing. Relax; Notice what you feel: anger, shame, pleasure?

Email me and let me know how you do with this exercise and the role surrender plays in your life.

Warmly, Karyne

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