Fire in the Heart: For All Core Energetics Graduates (of any training)

         We, Charles Corley. MEd, and myself (Karyne Wilner, PsyD) are offering a new third year certificate program, through the Core Energetics Academy, which we co-direct.
* Some of you have graduated from my two year professional training
Some of you have graduated from 4 or 5 year programs at another training
Here is WHY
*Understand the necessity of keeping the body vital for cellular health.
*Strengthen your understanding of sexuality and the life force.
*Work on the socio-energetic- biologic level with neuropeptides, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity (what John always talked about)
* Revitalize your practice  *Market yourself
* Explore your own resistance to the work
* Understand the relationship between sexual energy and physical health.
* Learn techniques to enhance your sexual energy – the life force – in your body.
* Experience a higher energy pulsation.
*You get to visit  Rhode Island and enjoy the beaches
*You get a certificate at the end
When and Where and How much?
*Its not expensive
This training begins Saturday, October 21-22, 2017. The second weekend
is December 2-3, 2017– if you miss the first.
We meet 6 weekends over one year
Low Cost —- $1800.00
1005 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown/Newport, RI 02842
: Dr. Karyne Wilner is a licensed psychologist who practices in Rhode Island and Co-Director of the Core Energetics Academy. An adjunct instructor at Salve Regina University, she teaches Core Energetics to mental health professionals and students. In the past, she was Assistant Director of The Institute of Core Energetics, Associate Director of Core Energetics Australia, and Senior Director of Core Energetics in Brazil. Her current interest is writing about what the body communicates about the personality and its connection to sexuality and love.
Charles Corley, MEd, LMHC, has a full-time private practice as a
Core Energetics Therapist, working with individuals, couples and
families. He is a senior faculty member at the Institute of Core
Energetics and teaches internationally. He also has 27 years of
experience in facilitating groups in areas including substance abuse,
actor support, man’s and adolescents groups.
Register: or 401-316-7041

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