Life Is Not Mundane




Life is not Mundane

By Rami Nagel


Doing the laundry,

Washing the dishes,

Taking out the trash,

Driving your kids to school.

You hope that one day you will be recognized for what you do.

And you pray for the day when you finally will be seen for the song that you are.

And you wait.

And you wonder.

And you continue about your daily routines, looking forward to that exciting

Future while trying to move away from your unfulfilling past.

But nothing happens.

Is this all life is?

Is this all life has to offer?

And then one day you surrender and let go….

You accept that you

Are not just picking up the kids from school,

Are not just washing the dishes,

And you are not just doing the laundry.

As there is no longer any point to waiting for that magical event in the future

Where you can live, and where you can be free. Because you realize that you no

Longer need to wait to be recognized.

At that moment you stop holding back what wants to burst through you,

And you decide to forgive the past,

And you forget about the future

You let go of all that you strive to become


At last

You can drink from the nectar that the angels have been pouring into you.

And you remember that you are here to shine,

To live, and

To love.

In forgetting who you’ve become, you remember who you are.


You drive your beautiful angels to school,

You marvel at the laundry

And kneel before the sacred dishes.

And as the water pours out, it refreshes you and it reminds you, that life is not


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