Working with the Body & the Life Force

Dr. Karyne Wilner
Dr. Karyne Wilner

My specialty is body psychotherapy and energy psychology. For those of you who are not familiar with the work of Core Energetics and other somatic therapies, it is beautiful work, that incorporates the whole person —- body mind, spirit, and emotion. Let me start with the story of a client (name changed) who came to me for help.

Fred had tried everything: traditional therapy, self-help books, group therapy, toastmasters meetings, and public speaking classes. Some things helped a little. Nothing significantly. Sick of his paralyzing shyness, he wanted help quickly.

Meeting Fred for the first time, I noticed thin arms appearing undernourished, stiff shoulders that made it difficult to reach out and make contact, and a torso that leaned back and pulled away from the people his legs want to move him toward. Because I am a body therapist, I ramped up Fred’s energy level in order to prepare his body for change. Then by agreeing to engage in simple physical exercises, designed specifically to unblock energy, create flow, and return his body to its natural state, Fred broke through his resistance and began to form meaningful relationships with other people.

After a few weeks of practice, Fred socialized more at school and joined a fraternity. He asked a girl out on a date and she accepted. The energy exercises triggered his desire to lift weights and build up his strength. He joined a gym and acquired arm and shoulder muscles.

Like Fred, most of us would like to be free of self-defeating behaviors. We would like to replace them with life patterns that lead to success, love, and fulfillment. So if we hold our shoulders stiffly, pull then up in fear, or roll them forward to protect our hearts, simple, practical exercises that focus on the body and create energy flow, can restore our bodies and our lives

When Beverly came to see me, she described herself as an emotional mess, because she would cry or erupt in anger if someone looked at her the wrong way. Looking at her body, I saw her energy fragmenting and scattering around the room, as if someone had emptied a jigsaw puzzle box and let the parts fall where they may. Imagine a young, beautiful face attached to an awkward body –disconnected body parts moving in different directions.

Beverly’s body mirrored the early rejection she experienced-her mother left when she was nine months old. Simple, energetic exercises helped her change.

Her neck and shoulders straightened and relaxed. Her chest pulled up so she could breathe more fully and her arches released allowing her feet to touch the ground. For Beverly uncontrollable rages and emotions became a thing of the past.

Energizing body exercises can help you defeat unhealthy life patterns and change self-defeating behaviors that result from unpleasant, unhappy, and sometimes abusive life experiences, even those you may have forgotten because they took place in early childhood or before you could talk.

Somatic and energy therapies give you tools to release emotions, remold your bodies, and establish new, life patterns. For those of you who want to change your lives so you don’t repeat dead-end relationships or unsatisfying jobs, exploring holistic, mind-body techniques may be the correct path.

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