Message to Pregnant Women During Coronavirus Pandemic

Stressful times affect everyone including the fetus inside you. Research shows that even prior to birth the fetus can suffer consequences from the stressful events and situations it experiences. Your baby in the womb is experiencing whatever you are experiencing. Because fetuses share their mothers’ bloodstreams, what their mothers eat and drink affect them, emotions their mothers feel affect them, although differently because they do not have words or thoughts to help them identify what they are experiencing, and health hazards, such as the current  pandemic and the stress it has produced, impacts them as well.

So what can you do if you are pregnant during stressful and turbulent times such as this one. It is most important to free yourself from stress, fear, anxiety, and negativity using whatever means you can. Research results show that a healthy diet, fresh vegetables and fruits in particular, yoga, exercise, meditation, prayer, and self-care have helped pregnant women in other stressful periods give birth to healthy babies. So if you like listening to podcasts, enjoy watching funny television shows and movies, or love to exercise, engage in as many positive experiences as you can to balance out the stress you are under. Don’t stop yourself from dancing around your house wearing pajamas, talking to your baby or telling it stories, or taking long bubble baths. Tell your baby how much you love him or her and work on your relationship with your partner as well. You need your environment to be positive. If tension exists in your relationship, stop arguing, give your partner what will make him or her happy in order to change the vibe in your house. Have love in your heart as much as possible. Stop each hour of the day to feel your heart and experience gratitude for the person growing inside you and for all that is.


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