Doctor Body Reader

Your body tells your story. It holds your entire history within it; it can even remind you of parts of your life you don’t consciously remember because you were too young or too traumatized. My goal is to help you understand what your body is telling you about your past — in order to support you in letting go of aspects of your childhood or young adulthood that may be holding your back and getting in your way. I teach you to read your body in order to discover the hidden aspects of yourself that sabotage you and make it harder for you to attain your dreams and your goals. By teaching you how to change the way energy flows through your body, you can reach your highest potential and live the life you desire.  

If you were shy as a child, or frightened, or aggressive and quick to anger, those are your past stories, but on a cellular level they may still be affecting you now, since the body holds onto experiences and events that happened to you in the past. That is not in your interest. You are living in the present and moving toward the future, so you don’t want to be shaped by the past. Through energy work with your body, you can release the old patterns and stories that get in your way. I will be reading your body to see which stories you hold onto so you can change them.


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