by Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD, based on the thoughts of John C. Pierrakos, MD


The human body displays a repetitive shape that looks something like a kidney bean. Imagine kidney beans fused together: kidney bean shaped heads, necks, chests, arms, hands, hips, legs, feet.  People have fingers and thumbs shaped like kidney beans. This repeating shape represents a basic life form.  Wilhelm Reich, MD, grandfather of body psychotherapy, called the energy associated with this life form — orgone.

Ganglions that make up the autonomic nervous system fire repeatedly and send steams of energy throughout the body. Some streams move up toward the head from the center of the body and others move down to the feet. The energy forms a figure eight crossing at the center of the body, moving through the body like a rotating pendulum. When there are problems or difficulties caused by emotions, thoughts, health, or behavior, the energy stops moving. It backs up and may even move in the opposite or wrong direction. For instance, when energy is blocked at the pelvis, it won’t go down to the feet. Instead it will jam up in the pelvis and look for another form of release. Since the downward channels are closed, it will follow open channels that lead to the chest, neck, or head. When this occurs people will lose touch with their lower bodies and they may not even feel their feet. Top heavy with energy, their thinking may become extreme, believing they are right when they may not be, and becoming judgmental or filled with anxious thoughts.

People who have experienced sexual trauma of one sort or another are often blocked or frozen at the pelvis. They lack a sense of their lower bodies and direct most of their energy upward, so that they may harbor wrong conclusions about life and sexuality, extreme fear of others, and an inability to trust, especially in situations where they lack control.

In contrast, other energy blocks may stop the energy from moving up into the head. When energy can’t move upward, the body will become heavy and stocky as the energy is forced down into the legs and into the earth. In this case, people’s movements will lack grace. They pound the earth when they walk or they become stuck in the muck and they cannot move forward, take the next step, or even recognize what it is. Cut off from their creative minds, they are less open to feelings, and they lack perception, intuition, creativity, insight and inspiration.

To enhance health, mental as well as physical, energy needs to move up and down the entire body. Energy emanates from the center– the core — of each cell. Seen through a microscope, cells look different from each other depending on their role in the body. For instance, skin cells might be spread out from each other whereas thicker muscle cells would be found in clusters. Although cells differ depending on their task in the body, none, if they are healthy, are static. Some shimmer and move, while others flicker off and on, vibrate, or make light waves.  Each cell carries within it its own consciousness.  When cell consciousness meets energy, the energy helps the cells connect up with each other in little streams. The streams of energy become tributaries and merge into large rivers that move the energy through the body, mirroring the movements of a pendulum.  Energy moves from the center of the human body out to the edges of the body where it meets more energy, forming a blue gray colored envelope around the body.  The blue gray color is an interface between energy and matter, representing and reflecting both. Emotions pass through this interface, and as they do-so it pulsates, swelling up and then disappearing as it responds to the emotional climate that it experiences. When people are emotionally healthy, aware, and conscious, the interface surrounding the human body pulsates with th

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