Body Wisdom: How to Read Your Body to Remedy Your Life

The Unconscious in the Body —– The Body Knows the Truth

The body is like a map. By knowing how to read it, one can achieve a better understanding of oneself and others, discovering and transforming barriers to success in work, romance, play, and overall happiness. Tremendous benefits derive from decoding messages that originate in the body, including a healthy body and mind, a fulfilling life style, successful relationships, and pleasure that radiates throughout your being.

Body reading is a method I have used for over 30 years with thousands of clients and in workshops I have conducted throughout the U.S. and in other countries. I am currently preparing to describe my techniques in online workshops and webinars so that participants can read their own and others bodies to gain deeper insights into themselves and others.

Secrets Revealed

One way the body reveals a person’s secrets—secrets people don’t even know they have— is through its shape. When June, an attractive red head, asked me for help, she said she felt hopeless about ever being in a long-term relationship. She described herself as kind, and giving, but found that men stopped calling her after a few dates. During a body scan, I noticed June’s boney, coat hanger shaped shoulders. Shoulders with bumpy knobs on top indicate that significant people in a child’s early life, such as mom or dad, treated her like a marionette, pulling the strings and refusing to take “no” for an answer.

People with this shoulder structure describe themselves as “people pleasers.” Their friends and romantic partners may see them as weak or desperate—too willing to please. Using somatic exercises and techniques designed to help people achieve assertiveness, June learned to say “no,” to let the men she dated know what she wanted, and to stop catering to their needs. Six months later she wrote that she had accomplished her goal and was now in a committed relationship.

A body reading helped Jacqueline, the mother of three little girls, all under age eight, deal with her anger. Jacqueline’s jaw hurt from grinding her teeth at night. She said she felt alone and unloved. Her non-communicative husband had distanced himself from her and her siblings were unavailable to provide support. Jacqueline’s arms hung loosely at her sides, appearing disconnected from her shoulders, and her harmoniously proportioned body seemed to cave in at the chest.

Motivated to give up the unrealistic wish that fed her anger—that her husband or her brothers would take care of her—Jacqueline empowered herself. Punching a large foam rubber block, she expressed anger about having to stand on her own two feet. After three sessions Jacqueline’s posture changed dramatically. Her shoulders pulled up and back and her energized arms extended powerfully from her body. Deciding to take responsibility for her own life, she enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

Current research shows that various chemicals, neurotransmitter substances, and neuropeptides occur in the brain to form thoughts and behavior. Once they leave the brain and travel with the blood throughout the body, they shape energy flow, emotional responses, and health or disease in various organs, joints, and muscles. This biochemical bouquet creates the body language that helps us uncover information about ourselves that has been outside conscious awareness.

The body reveals information about one’s personality, goals, life struggles, and unfulfilled needs. For instance, the body will indicate how one responds to rejection, whether one can sustain an ongoing relationship, and if one works hard or forgoes responsibility. My students learn to assess themselves, their clients, and others in their lives with the goal of relationship enhancement. They learn exercises and techniques designed to change themselves in order to improve their lives.

Upcoming Webinar, August 25, 2020, Tuesday 7:30pm EST

Participants will learn the basic principles of body reading. They will gain deeper respect for the body and understand what the body communicates. As they focus on their own bodies without judgment, they will gain insights about present and past behavior, self-esteem, family of origin issues, and improving relationships.

By learning to read other people’s bodies, participants will be able to handle or avoid difficult people, improve their ability to communicate with others, and
become more accepting of people unlike themselves.

Save the Date

Information about the webinar on Tuesday August 25, 2020 7:30 pm will be sent out. This is an introductory webinar — no charge. So put your foot in the water and learn about body reading and how it can help you.

Contact me:
Dr. Karyne Wilner, Core Energetics Academy,
Unit 3, 141 Mount Pleasant Road, Newtown, CT 06470
email:; phone: 401-316-7041; fax: 203-270-1977

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