Planet Body

Work with your body’s energy — if you are to be vital and alive. The energy flow in your body should make a figure eight. Up one side from the ground, cross at the solar plexus, travel up the other side, cross again at the soft palate, in the mouth, and go back down. Why doesn’t it work like this for many of us. We have one half of the figure eight or the other. The energy gets blocked for some of us in the upper body, chest, shoulders and head, and then for others in the bottom, the legs or pelvis. For the most bang for your buck, and by this I mean life energy, you need your whole body. If all your energy is upper body, you are going to be bossy and controlling, and want things your way. Not a lot of fun to be with for others. If you are bottom-heavy, you will be stuck, you are over-planted and don’t take enough risks. For those people with full body energy flow, life is full and exciting. Become one of them by freeing up your energy and making it travel through your full life circuit.

Yours truly, Karyne Wilner, PsyD

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