The Core Energetic Therapy Process

The goal of Core Energetics is to open the heart and experience love. This is accomplished by helping individuals remove the obstacles embedded in their personalities, heal their splits, explore their emotions at the level of truth, experience love throughout their beings, and actively cope with life. Few other body therapies integrate spirituality and the universal life force into their basic theoretical formulations and similarly, spiritual therapies rarely give emphasis to action methodologies or focus upon energy or the body. An innovator, John Pierrakos, MD, the founder of Core Energetics, broke with both traditions when he combined spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral elements, creating a psychotherapeutic system capable of mobilizing potent forces for change. The therapy which resulted strengthens the transformational process and enables people to attain love and pleasure in their lives, as well as a deeper level of truth.

Clients can expect to achieve a deeper connection with the spiritual self, the resolution of specific problems in living, and the transformation of destructive patterns of behavior. Movement, action, catharsis, and honest expression are the essential tools of this therapeutic method.

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