Mother Meera

Here I am in Boone, North Carolina. I am a pilgrim on a a spiritual journey. Strange — rather than making the journey  by foot over mountains eating  nuts and roots, I fly, bumping along over a thick cloud cover on US Airways, rent a car to journey up the mountain, and stay at the Boone, Holiday Inn Express with its free breakfast. Nevertheless a pilgrim is a pilgrim and a pilgrim I am — to pay homage to my spiritual teacher, Mother Meera. Yesterday, I sat in her presence for two hours, in silence, as is her wish, crying tears of gratitude for her teachings and for the strong light she brings to Earth. I felt the armor melt from my heart and my ego shrink to nothing as I merged with the energy she emanates of light and love. My hope is that I will have the gift to share this with others, particularly in my teaching and in my school for therapists. In our academic training the mind reigns — in my professional training, the heart reigns. This is the teaching I can bring to my students as my teacher, Mother Meera, brings it to me.

With Love,


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